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Great images are created not captured. This requires an understanding of light, composition as well as the technical aspects of your camera. Christine is an excellent instructor able to analyze student needs and explain critical issues that make them better photographers. She teaches Professionals through beginners. Private classes are available.

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What a Bride needs to know about Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is an investment in your memories. Invest wisely, there are many wedding photographers offering their services at every price point. Because photography coverage is not a commodity and photographers have wide variations in skill, price should not be the principal determinate. Look for quality and be aware that the better photographers spend 4 to 8 hours of post wedding work before you see your images and an additional 8 hours to design an album.

Weddings are a one time fast moving event where everything changes. The photographer has to be ready for all situations, be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment and record great images without slowing the flow of the wedding. They must have the right tools, backup equipment and auxiliary lighting.

The difference between an entry-level photographer and a seasoned professional is that: the entry-level photographer can get a good image when they see it most of the time. They tend to shoot an excessive amount of images hoping for the good one. The professional can create the good image anywhere, any time, all the time. They create it then shoot. It is professional training and experience that separates them. Look for credentials, awards and a body of work.

Two photographers are not necessarily better than one. The skill of the photographers allows them to be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment. Most good photographers use assistants, this is different. Extremely large weddings are the exception.

What about the new Coffee Style albums?
Creating the newer coffee style albums is an art form. You will recognize the good ones because the images are great; this means they have emotional impact as well as good color, sharpness and composition. The album flows, it is not disjointed and it tells the story. You can’t have good album with bad images. Production quality and costs on the albums vary greatly. They start with pre made peel and stick albums, move to Press books which have printed pages, then on to the higher end, which are custom bound with image covered stiff pages. Some photographers are having albums designed and printed by third party vendors, sometimes in other countries. With this process there are no design changes.

Getting Digital Images:
Not all digital images are the same. They are captured and recorded in the camera as JPEG or Raw files with some very strange file names depending on the camera model. Most professionals use the RAW mode, which is pure information. These files are then downloaded to a computer and adjusted for color and density then before sorted, renamed and archived.

Some photographers are offering JPEG files right out of the camera. These are problematic because of variations in exposure, color balance and confusing file numbering. There is a reason why most photographers shoot RAW and process the images, even though this requires several hours of additional work after the wedding.

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